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About Royal3

About Royal3

Royal 3 Inc. is an asset-based carrier located in Chicago, IL. With our humble beginnings starting over a decade ago, we have grown to be one of Chicago’s leading transportation companies. We believe that the secret to our success is our talented team of employees and professional drivers. From day one, we have made safety our highest priority; We continue to invest in our employees and equipment to ensure that our team of professional drivers are safe on and off the road. Our mission at Royal 3 is to continue the path of success, by providing solutions designed to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Royal3 Technology

Royal3 Technology

Custom Transportation Management System (TMS)

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Safety as a Priority

As a company that values safety above all else, we take great pride in our commitment to ensuring the safety of our drivers, customers, and the general public. We are proud to have one of the highest safety records in the industry.

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